Local Community


Education isn’t just limited to the classroom, and we relish the opportunities to get involved with the local community.

Throughout all of our rooms, we thoroughly enjoy weekly sometimes daily educational visits. This includes visits to Skipton Town Hall Museum, Aireville Park, The Canal Basin, The Local Train Station, The Local Fire Station and much more!

In March 2022, We supported the Local Council by joining them for their Wild flower project! We planted seeds within the local area and can't wait to watch them grow!

Recently, We took part in the Skipton Music Festival where we sang & signed some of our favourite songs at Christ Church.

At the begining of April 2022, The children in Nursery School were exploring a pair of Rhea eggs and where they came from. As part of a response to this interest, We decided to take a little trip out to the Local Hen Pens where we saw Geese, Chickens and of course Rheas! 

More recently, in connection to the Queen's Jubilee celebration, we supported Parish Chruch Primary School in their procession up the high street, cheering them on! 

We love being part of the Local Community and are cherish having such amazing experiences on our doorstep!